“The cause of living in the past is dying right in front of us.”Rhett Butler, Gone With The Wind So says Rhett Butler, the dashing and cavalier leading man of the Civil War epic Gone With The Wind, as the antebellum South crumbles around him under a barrage of Union cannon fire. It’s a fitting [...]

I’m taking an extended break from Twitter for several reasons. Number one, it wastes time. Unless you’re one of those people who make money from Twitter (or trying to), Twitter is a giant time suck. Beyond that, you’re reading stories and comments and horrifically bad takes that only anger you, and there’s nothing you can [...]

In my previous post, LBRY – Disrupting Distribution with Blockchain, I mentioned that I uploaded an old short film of mine onto the LBRY platform. Back in 2013, I wrote, produced, directed, edited and composed this short film within a span of 3 months for a film contest hosted by Infowars. It came in second [...]

As I mentioned in Leveraging Disruption, distribution is the final chokehold Hollywood (and Silicon Valley) has on the entertainment industry. They no longer have sovereign control over production, as the advent of digital cinematography has greatly democratized film production over the last 15 years. You no longer need to live in LA to shoot a [...]

About a year ago, I traveled to Washington DC from my remote Northwestern Canadian hideout to attend a screening of Hoaxed, the feature-length documentary I co-directed with Scooter Downey for Mike Cernovich. Being a father to two boys who works from home, finding time to listen to podcasts or even to read a book can [...]

Look online. Turn on Netflix. Follow politics. Read a blog. Browse through Amazon. What do you see? Angry tweets? Funny memes? Fake news? Cheap goods? You wouldn’t be wrong. But take all these together, and I see something equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. I see disruption. Massive disruption is taking place, affecting everything from media [...]

Film is like nuclear fission. Its power is awe-inspiring, and should be handled with great care. An entire generation’s worldview has been shaped in large part to the power of film. More so than other artistic disciplines, film can place you inside of a world, a character, a situation, a feeling, inviting you to experience [...]