American Drone – LBRY Embed

In my previous post, LBRY – Disrupting Distribution with Blockchain, I mentioned that I uploaded an old short film of mine onto the LBRY platform.

Back in 2013, I wrote, produced, directed, edited and composed this short film within a span of 3 months for a film contest hosted by Infowars. It came in second place, and we won a cool $10K.

Looking at it now, it feels a bit dated – and I can’t help but cringe at certain places! It was super low budget by any sane measure. However, we had a great time making a film that ended up getting seen by hundreds of thousands of eyeballs.

This short is proof that you can do a lot with so little. This especially holds true now – 7 years later.

It kinda makes me want to get back into the down and dirty world of low budget short filmmaking.

It just feels so… disruptive.

Anyway, here is the LBRY embed. Still testing and working with the LBRY platform/protocol, and I suggest you do the same! Sign up here.

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